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The Tyranny of Testing – Is the Backlash Coming?

par Aevin le Lun 31 Mar 2014 - 19:33

The Tyranny of Testing – Is the Backlash Coming?
By Warwick Mansell, freelance education journalist

    “The system has to change. I don’t really know what the answer is, but I do know we don’t get the best out of our pupils by demoralizing or devaluing their teachers.”

So began a heartfelt blog posting published in March 2014 by a young teacher who has been grappling with what seems to be England’s increasingly suffocating professional-accountability-through-student-assessment regime.

To an outsider such as me  – I am a journalist and parent whose children have yet to go through compulsory education – it seems as if English schools are in the grip of a kind of insanity. A system which has an internal logic, but begins to look more than a little crazy when you stand back.
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Automate - et fier de l'être  Wink

"Well, the travelling teachers do come through every few months," said the Baron.
"Yes, sir, I know sir, and they're useless. They teach facts, not understanding. It's like teaching people about forests by showing them a saw. I want a proper school, sir, to teach reading an writing, and most of all thinking, sir [...]"
Terry Pratchett - I Shall Wear Midnight

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