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inverser les rôles: Turning Teacher-Student Roles Upside Down

par Aevin le Lun 11 Aoû 2014 - 9:52
It’s a typical school day in Oakland, Calif., and Aaliyah is about to show how to solve two-step equations. Circling the three numbers in the equation 4x + 10 = 30, she says, “So one, two, three? Is a hater. They’re like haters… We trying to get rid of those numbers, ‘cause they hate on x. And we trying to have x protected.”

If that’s an unusual way to characterize isolating the variable, that’s because Aaliyah is an unusual teacher. In fact, she’s not a teacher at all — she’s a student at the Envision Academy of Arts and Technology. Her algebra lesson is being filmed and posted on the Web.


Automate - et fier de l'être  Wink

"Well, the travelling teachers do come through every few months," said the Baron.
"Yes, sir, I know sir, and they're useless. They teach facts, not understanding. It's like teaching people about forests by showing them a saw. I want a proper school, sir, to teach reading an writing, and most of all thinking, sir [...]"
Terry Pratchett - I Shall Wear Midnight

... und wer Fehler findet, kann sie behalten!
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