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USA : De quoi les enseignants ont-ils le plus besoin pour leurs classes ? De livres !

par John le Sam 23 Aoû 2014 - 19:45
Last year, 83,962 of America’s most resourceful and creative teachers posted classroom needs on They asked for everything from robots to nature expeditions to puppet theaters.

What do teachers need more than anything?


In just about every grade and subject, teachers requsted books more than any other type of resource. Last school year alone, teachers requested 250,000 books through, often seeking multiple book titles per project to help build classroom libraries.

To foster a love of reading, these teachers often try to meet kids where they are… and sometimes that’s the movie theater. Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – two books with theatrical releases this past year – were two of our top three books, and that’s not a new trend. Last year, we chronicled how our trend-spotting teachers clamored for Hunger Games books on months before the book surged in Google search results.

Commentaires :
Jim Ellsworth
National Security Leader and Performance Consultant
"Books and resources would be great, sure...but what teachers REALLY need most is OUR RESPECT AND SUPPORT. The genuine INVOLVEMENT of kids' parents as partners in their children's education. The recognition that education is A PROFESSION, with decades of evidence-based best practices that teachers are required to continuously go back to school to keep up on, in those summer months "off" and throughout the year WHILE teaching our kids. The understanding that having once been a student ourselves prepares us to prescribe instructional interventions about as well as having been a PATIENT ourselves prepares us to prescribe medicines. THAT'S what our teachers need MOST."

Tim Masten
Co Founder at
"The importance of books cannot be denied even thought there are a variety of reasons to explain the decline. But if they are truly desired then maybe we can carve fewer sunsets in the freeway overpasses and spend that on books......or do away with any other of a thousand wasteful expenditures and spend it where it pays off in the future."

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