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Royaume-Uni : grève des enseignants en Angleterre et Pays-de-Galles Empty Royaume-Uni : grève des enseignants en Angleterre et Pays-de-Galles

par John Jeu 10 Juil 2014 - 2:19
The NUT is protesting over changes to teachers' pay, pensions and conditions.

The strike is being held alongside action by five other public sector unions, but the other teachers' unions are not taking part in the strike.

The Department for Education said there was no justification for strikes as talks with ministers were continuing.

The action on Thursday follows a national walkout by the NUT on 26 March. There were also regional strikes by the NUT and another teachers' union, the NASUWT, in 2013.

The NUT says protest rallies and marches will be taking place across England and Wales on Thursday.

General secretary Christine Blower said teachers "deeply regretted" having to take strike action.

"Performance-related pay is not suitable for schools, which work in a collaborative fashion.

"While no teacher expects to work nine to five, many are working 60 hours a week and this is just not sustainable. A lot of this work has been created through bureaucracy and the demands of the Ofsted accountability regime.

"Expecting teachers to work until 68 for a pension will not only dismay teachers but also parents and pupils. Teaching... does require energy and fitness to cope with classrooms of 30 young children or teenagers."

"Thousands of good, experienced teachers are leaving or considering leaving their job. Ofsted itself says that two in five teachers are leaving the profession in their first five years."

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