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Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs Empty Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs

par cliohist le Lun 8 Déc 2014 - 14:34
Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs Sudan-10

Sur l'excellent Strange-Maps Frank Jacobs a sélectionné depuis 2005 près de 700 cartes insolites
Il en a tiré l'ouvrage Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities (2009)

Un retour sur la liste des titres des cartes déjà mises en ligne
Pour afficher une carte, cliquer sur l'adresse qui précède.
Attention : certaines ne semblent plus disponibles
mais la source indiquée dans le commentaire peut mener à la carte citée

Parmi les billets récents :
The Accidental Beauty of Flight Paths

Europe 1400-1600, 1600-1800 and 1800-1950
Art, littérature, musique, science, l'origine géographique des auteurs, des créateurs et des scientifiques
source : Charles Murray,  "Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950"

La liste des 100 dernières cartes (les autres sont listés sur le blog Clioweb) :
690 - Postcard from a Future Without Germany, Circa 1914
689 - The Phantom Emirate of Ahwaz
688 - Africa, Uncolonized: A Detailed Look at an Alternate Continent
687 - The Accidental Beauty of Flight Paths
686 - The World (Under Construction)
685 - Edinburgh, Now in Technicolor
684 - When Maps Stare Back: IJsseloog and Makian
683 - 40 Ways to Carve Up England
682 - Shrug This! Atlas and the Weight of Heaven
681 - Italy, Embiggened and Encircled
680 - Kentucky Fried Britain
679 - Home of the Um, Land of the Uh: the Filler Words Dividing America
678 - The Geography of Genius
677 - A Moral Topography of Portland
676 - Pinpointing the Ponderosa
675 - Countries that Look Like Other Countries
674 - Scrotum and Totem: Phallic Cartography 101
673 – Current Affairs: European Electricity Exports and Imports
672 - Licence to Map: the Other James Bond
671 – Forking Amazing: Cornwall-shaped Lightning Hits Cornwall
670 – How to Hide an Elephant: the 1923 Gold Coast Survey
669 - Digital Monkeys and Virtual Ducks: What to Call the @
668 – Europe, Equipopulous
667 - Pop! Goes the World: 7.2 Billion and Counting
666 – Six Maps of Hell
665 - Argentina v. Netherlands: Does Size Matter?
664 – Damn les Yankees! Why French TV Can't Get Enough of US News
663 - Death of Little Germany: How a Ship Sank an Enclave
662 – Crimea River: Painting Putin Pouting
661 - 8 Million City: a Scandinavian Megalopolis
660 - Where the Big Boxes Roam: a Geography of American Grocery Shopping
659 - Liège, Belgium's 'Vanishing Twin'
658 - Bulgarian Salad Voted Europe's Favourite Food
657 - Welcome to Planet Voronoi, a Capital Place
656 - Look Who's Back
655 - Enigma, Georgia: Mystery of the South's Circular Towns
654 - Making Maps of France (Nudge, Nudge)
653 - Charity Ends at Home: the Struggle for 0.7%
652 – Jellyfish Nation: Portugal is 97% Water
651 – Orwellian Cartography 101: How to Tell Two Truths with One Map
650 - Reverse Calenture: Drowning in the Sahara
649 - Tomb of Doom? How a Tiny Exclave Could Draw Turkey into Syria's War
648 - Portolan Charts 'Too Accurate' to be Medieval
647 - Purist Among the Pure: the Forgotten Inventor of Pakistan
646 - Six Californias: a Silly Con?
645 - Kiev Burning: a Map of the Front Line
644 - "Don't Buy Shirts in Herat": the Lost World of the Hippie Trail
643 - Agloe, the Paper Town Stronger than Fiction
642 – Vend they fir jug 45679: the Map Hiding Under Your Fingers
641 - A Whale of a Story, for Goldfish: The Voyage of the Pequod
640 - A Lion in the Garden: How to Translate a Continent
639 – Ingeniously Deep: a Map of North Sea Bivalves
638 – The Nose Knows: An Olfactory Map of Newport, RI
637 - Hamlet (Generic): A Map of Nowhere through Danish Eyes
636 - Painted Ships on Painted Oceans: an Accidental Map of the Doldrums
635 - Sex and Drugs and Border Changes
634 - Cloudy, with a Chance of Nazgûl: Climate Maps of Middle-Earth
633 - Who Put the O in Portland?
632 - Fibonacci in Budapest
631 - A man, a Plan, a Canal, Karakalpakstan!
630 - The Silver Dog with the Golden Tail
629 - The Beauty of Duplicity: Two Maps of Kashmir
628 - Who put the Z in A-to-Z? Maps of Zombieland
627 - Holy Rock! Gibraltar, the Mother of All Territorial Disputes
626 - A Ghost of May Days Past: East Germany Rises Again!
625 - Gingers of the World, Unite!
624 - This is Your Brain on Maps
623 - Fear of a Belgian Planet
622 - It Starts with a Kiss: the World's Twistiest Border
621 - The Fire Last Time: Mapping Blazes Past, Present - and Future
620 - Paleo by Comparison: the Million-Year-Old Map
619 - Is Ulster Doomed? Scenarios for Repartition
618 - Milk, the Drink of Conquerors
617 - The Sahara Sea: A French Mirage in North Africa
616 - All Quiet on the Illinois Front
615 - The Eruv, a Jewish Quantum State
614 - Terminal Cartography: a World Map of Death
613 - Faces of Earth: A Mapping Contest Between Man and Machine
612 - The Map as Medicine: an Inky Souvenir of a Soothing Park
611 - Our One-Continent World: Pangea (Political)
610 - Would Smell As Sweet: Geo-popularity of Given Names
609 - Had the Cookie Crumbled Differently: East and West Dakota
608 - Dull Flag and Tongue of Gangsta: The Laugh-out-loud Place-names of Shetland and Orkney
607 - That Monkey Don't Swim: Maps, Sex and Violence
606 - A Cucumber Map of Europe
605 - Oswald's Stone, the Lost Palladium of Middlesex
604 - A Tacography of Mexico
603 - When Harry Met Paris: Beck's Métro Map
602 - Land of the K, Home of the W: America's Radio Nations
601 - Bigger Than You Think: the Vatican and its Annexes
600 - Münster’s Monster Mash
599 - The Nazi Snail of Defeat: Yes, We're Losing, but Very Slowly!
598 - Fast Train to... Quincy? A Mirage Map of U.S. High Speed Rail
597 - China's Chicken Syndrome, and the Man in the Iron Curtain
596 - Sound Like a Map to You?
595 - It’s Always Chile in Norway: the Five Types of Territorial Morphology
594 - Mind over Map: the World Is What You Make It
593 - Greenland by Way of a Drainpipe: Accidental Cartography IV
592 - Build Your Own Poland
591 - Elizabeth II, Queen of the South Pole

Strange Maps / Cartes insolites, les 590 autres cartes sélectionnées par Frank Jacobs


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Ali Devine
Ali Devine
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Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs Empty Re: Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs

par Ali Devine le Lun 8 Déc 2014 - 15:32
Merci ! Ce site rejoint directement mes favoris !

Mon site
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Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs Empty Re: Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs

par Verpa le Lun 8 Déc 2014 - 23:05
Très bon. Sauf que depuis un moment, je n'arrive plus à trouver le nouveau lien rss pour recevoir les nouveaux articles en direct. Si quelqu'un le trouve, je suis preneur !
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Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs Empty Re: Strange Maps, Frank Jacobs

par cliohist le Mar 9 Déc 2014 - 18:13
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